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Accessibility of the Klimapakt fir Betriber website

This page is not a help page.

Its purpose is to present our commitments in terms of digital accessibility and then to define the level of compliance of this website with the regulations and standards in force.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility is a set of rules and best practices covering functional, graphic, technical and editorial aspects.

By following these rules and best practices, we can ensure that digital media (websites, mobile applications, PDF documents, etc.) are accessible to people with disabilities.

An accessible website allows you to :

  • customise its display via the operating system and/or browser (enlarge or shrink characters, change typography, change colours, stop animations, etc.).
  • navigate using assistive technologies such as text-to-speech or braille.
  • navigate without using the mouse, using the keyboard only, buttons or a touch screen.
  • view video and audio content with the aid of subtitles and/or transcriptions.
  • – etc.

Digital accessibility commitments

Klima-Agence G.I.E. is committed to making the “klimapaktfirbetriber.lu” website accessible, in accordance with the law of 28 May 2019 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies.

Accessibility statement

This Accessibility Statement applies to the website “https://www.klimapaktfirbetriber.lu”

Conformity status

This website is partially compliant with European standard EN 301 549 and with the RGAA (Référentiel Général d’Amélioration de l’Accessibilité)  – version 4.1 which implements it, due to the non-conformities listed below.

Test results

The RGAA version 4.1 compliance audit carried out by Ideance in June and November 2023 revealed that out of the given sample :

  • The overall compliance rate is 77,8%. (Obtained by dividing the number of compliant criteria by the number of applicable criteria).
  • The average compliance rate is 81,9%. (Obtained by averaging the compliance rates for each page).

Non-accessible content


List of non-compliant criteria :

  • 7.1 – Scripts are not compatible with assistive technologies.
  • 7.3 – Scripts cannot be controlled by the keyboard or any pointing device.
  • 7.5 – Status messages are not correctly rendered by assistive technologies.
  • 8.2 – The source code generated is not valid for the type of document specified.
  • 8.7 – Language changes are not indicated.
  • 8.9 – Tags are used for presentation purposes only.
  • 9.1 – Information is not structured by the appropriate use of headings.
  • 10.7 – The focus of interactive elements is not visible.
  • 10.11 – Content cannot be presented without using horizontal scrolling for a 320px wide window.
  • 11.2 – Form field labels are not relevant.
  • 11.10 – Input controls are not used appropriately.
  • 12.8 – The tab order is not consistent.

Preparation of this accessibility declaration

This declaration was drawn up on 23/06/2023 and last updated on 10/11/2023.

Technologies used to create the site

  • HTML5
  • SVG
  • ARIA
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Test environment

The tests were carried out with the following combinations of web browser and screen readers:

  • Firefox (116.0) et NVDA (2023.1)
  • Firefox (116.0) et JAWS (2022)
  • Safari et VoiceOver (macOS 13.4)
  • Safari et VoiceOver (iOS 16.5)

Tools for evaluating accessibility

  • Colour Contrast Analyser
  • Outils de développement Firefox
  • Web Developer (extension Firefox)

Pages of the site checked for compliance

Feedback and contact details

If you are unable to access any of the content or services on this site, you can contact us using one of the methods below and describe your problem:

  • Send us a message using our contact form.
  • Write to us at the following email address: mailto:communication@klima-agence.lu
  • Call us on +352 40 66 58
  • Write to us by post at the following address:
    Klima-Agence G.I.E. 2, Circuit de la Foire Internationale L-1347 Luxembourg

We commit ourselves to get back to you by e-mail within 1 month at the latest.

To remedy the problem in a sustainable and reasonable manner, we will prioritise correcting any accessibility problems online.

Should this not be possible, the desired information will be sent to you in an accessible format according to your requirements:

  • in writing in a document or email.
  • verbally during an interview or by telephone.

Procedure for ensuring compliance with provisions

In the event of an unsatisfactory response, you may also notify the Information and Press Service, the body responsible for monitoring accessibility, via its online complaints form, or the Ombudsman of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.