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Hall and workshop heating

Adaptations for heating halls and workshops

Company halls and workshops, often characterised by large open spaces and high ceilings, present a particular challenge when it comes to installing an energy-efficient, targeted heating system. The ideal heating system for halls must therefore be able to heat the different work areas individually and produce heat at the right height.

Halls and workshops have specific heating requirements due to their size and use. It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough requirements analysis before installing a new heating system.

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Installation or modification of a new mechanical ventilation system

Optimising your company’s centralised ventilation system

To ensure that the ventilation system is working properly and monitor the financial impact, regular analysis of requirements and technological monitoring are necessary. In the detailed description below, you can find the analysis to be applied in the case of ventilation renewal.

As a first step, we strongly advise you to carry out a detailed analysis of your company’s current ventilation situation and requirements, and to anticipate possible changes in requirements in the future (building project, change of use of certain rooms, etc.)

On the basis of this analysis, the new ventilation system can be sized.

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