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Fifth Klimapakt fir Betriber Roadshow in Hosingen


The fifth session of the Klimapakt fir Betriber roadshow was organised by Klima-Agence in collaboration with the Guichet unique PME, and Naturpark Our.

The session began with an introduction by Klima-Agence, setting out the objectives and commitments of Klimapakt fir Betriber, followed by a presentation of the programme’s tools by experts from Luxinnovation, House of Sustainability and Klima-Agence.

Three companies then shared their decarbonisation and energy transition projects:

  • Robbesschéier presented their project “Nachhaltige Robbesscheier”, which includes a global energy monitoring system and aims to reduce their energy dependency.
  • KELLER minimal windows presented the results of an in-depth study of their CO2 footprint and their transition to using locally recycled aluminium, thereby halving their aluminium-related carbon footprint.
  • Nexxtlab brought the presentations to a close by unveiling its real-time monitoring and control software for homes and businesses.

The session concluded with exchanges between participants and experts from the Fit4 Sustainability and SME-Packages programmes, strengthening the support network for companies committed to energy transition and decarbonisation.