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Introducing Car-Sharing at Campus Contern

Mobility and transportation
Mobility and transportation
October 2023

Company profile

Campus Contern offers 16,000 m2 of office space for rent. There are five buildings in which around 450 people from 34 different companies work. The aim of Campus Contern is to provide innovative co-working spaces in terms of sustainable development and the well-being of their occupants.


Improving sustainable mobility

Campus Contern strongly encourages its tenants to favour public transport servicing the area as well as car-pooling to reduce their carbon footprint.

The idea behind this initiative is to encourage employees to take public transport to and from the business park, by providing them with the necessary flexibility once they are on site. Tenants have the option of hiring a shared electric car during the day for both private and business appointments.

This initiative aims to provide flexible mobility while helping to protect the environment. The company hopes to inspire other companies to follow suit and promote sustainable mobility.


Sustainable mobility made easy : Car-Sharing via smartphone

The Car-Sharing system is accessible via a mobile app. The idea of introducing a car-sharing scheme for tenants was first put forward during a strategic discussion. Campus Contern is keen to promote the latest vehicles available on the market and, in this case, to encourage the use of low-emission vehicles at attractive rates.

For this project, Campus Contern did not want to manage the vehicle itself, so it is working with an external partner who will manage the vehicle, take care of maintenance and washing, handle usage and bookings, and much more.

Mise en œuvre

The effectiveness of Car-Sharing in our office space

A number of companies available on the market were compared. “Moovee” was chosen for its ease of access via the mobile application and its competitive rates, as well as for the possibility of customising the car to their image.

Once the decision had been taken to install this service, it was quickly put in place. Campus Contern first defined the parking space that would be reserved for the Moovee vehicle. Then they informed the tenants of the new service, and finally Moovee took care of the delivery and personalisation of the car.

The uptake of the service within the complex has been gradual, but thanks to information sessions, detailed explanations of how it works, along with welcome packs and advertisements on our digital screens, we’ve managed to promote its use within our community of corporate tenants.


A gradual uptake of Car-Sharing

The uptake of the service has been gradual, as many tenants already have their own cars on site. Gradually, the move to use the car-sharing service has increased, indicating that information and awareness-raising are essential to promote this service within our community of corporate tenants.


Virginie Ducommun