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Grosbusch installs a 1500 kWp photovoltaic system

March 2024

Company profile

Grosbusch benefits from its location in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a key European hub, which is ideal for the importation of fresh produce from various regions across Europe and beyond. Thanks to its strategic location, the company efficiently distributes its products throughout the Greater Region.Marcel Grosbusch & Fils has been in the business of importing and trading fruit and vegetables since 1917 and has since grown into a leading supplier in the Luxembourg and the entire Greater Region.


Grosbusch invests in the future by installing a photovoltaic system

As part of its long-term strategy, Grosbusch invested in the sustainability of its activities by installing a 1,500 kWp photovoltaic system. This initiative is part of the company’s response to the ever-increasing electricity costs. The initiative also ties in perfectly with the company’s commitment to developing sustainable practices.


Partnership with SOCOM

The project began with the identification of a suitable 1500 kWp photovoltaic system and subsequently started a collaboration with SOCOM. This was followed by a process of soliciting quotes to assess the available market options. The company also registered its participation in a call for tenders for the development and operation of new photovoltaic power plants. At the same time, the necessary steps were taken to obtain the required permits, and possibly to adapt the operating permit (Commodo).


Seamless implementation: How Grosbusch maintained its activities throughout the construction work

The installation phase was expected to take two months. Works were conducted across an area exceeding 8,000 m2, facilitated by the flat design solution for module placement without the need for a supporting structure. Fortunately, no unexpected events impeded the process allowing for the seamless integration of the photovoltaic system with the existing roof structure. Importantly, the daily operations of the company remained unaffected throughout the project, owing to its nature.


Grosbusch harnesses electricity from its own photovoltaic system

As a result of the new installation, Grosbusch management can proudly report that 50% of the company’s electricity requirements are now covered by its new photovoltaic system. It’s also worth pointing out that the company’s main consumption period coincides with daytime electricity generation, making the system highly efficient.


Goy Grosbusch