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Heating a swimming pool with solar collectors combined with an industrial heat pump at the “Nommerlayen” campsite

January 2024

Company profile

In the village of Nommern, Europacamping Nommerlayen offers 380 pitches for mobile homes and 22 fixed accommodations (mobile homes, cottages and chalets). The management believes that sustainability plays a fundamental role in the development of their business.

The campsite offers a wide range of entertainment and sporting activities across the complex. These include the aquatic complex at the heart of the campsite, which include a swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness centre.


Pool heated by a combination of solar collectors and a heat pump

Ever since the swimming pool went into operation, it has been heated by solar thermal collectors, provided the weather permits. The campsite operators are still very satisfied with this type of heating system.

Consequently, a second wave of solar collectors was installed a few years ago. The principle is quite straightforward: the water from the pool is pumped through the collectors and heated in the process.

However, given that the sun does not shine all the time, an auxiliary gas boiler covers any additional demand.

One of the campsite’s objectives was to find a new, sustainable heating solution and reduce energy costs: The industrial heat pump proved to be the ideal solution.


Replacing the gas boiler with a heat pump

The campsite management consulted their heating engineer to find out about the various technologies available on the market.
They opted for an industrial heat pump. After consulting two different manufacturers about the design and estimated costs of the system, they found a solution that best suited their needs in terms of size, requirements and use.

The low water temperature of the pool (below 30 °C) is also an advantage in terms of using the heat pump, which achieves a higher efficiency at this temperature than with heating at 36 °C.
Regarding the control system, it was important to continue to have the ability to switch between solar and heat pump based heating.

For the financing, Europacamping Nommerlayen also took steps to obtain an investment subsidy from the Ministry of the Economy.


Installing the heat pump

In 2021, work began on the new heating system.

As the campsite operates on a seasonal basis, the installation had to be completed by spring. This deadline was met because the campsite operator was able to carry out the preliminary work to install the new heat pump themselves. The entire system was then installed in just a few days by the heating engineer, calibrated and put into operation immediately afterwards.

The campsite team worked closely with the heating contractor to ensure an efficient installation of the industrial heat pump. The work was completed in just over a week.


Successful integration of the industrial heat pump

Since the installation of the new industrial heat pump, the campsite has been able to complete their transition from natural gas for pool heating.

Thanks to an intelligent operating mode between the solar collectors and the newly installed heat pump, the installation has delivered energy savings and drastically reduced gas consumption.


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