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Lighting optimisation at the carpentry Becker

July 2023

Company profile

The carpentry workshop Arnold Becker S.à.r.l. and its 22 employees are located on the Echternach industrial park. The company designs, produces and installs windows, doors, staircases, furniture and kitchens of its own manufacture.

The carpentry works constantly to reduce its carbon footprint and, from an economic standpoint, to cut significant energy costs so that it can continue to produce competitively.


Lighting replacement and optimisation

The management of the carpentry business decided to ‘relamp’ its entire facility, including the production halls, showroom and administrative area. This meant replacing all of the lighting, which consisted mainly of fluorescent tubes, with LED sources, without replacing the lighting units themselves.


Exchange with the Chambre des Métiers

“We found out about the SME-Package Sustainability financial assistance programme through the Chambre des Métiers newsletters. After discussions with the Chambre des Métiers, the grant application was drawn up in consultation with us”, explains Simon Becker of Arnold Becker S.à.r.l.. The receipt of the lump-sum subsidy was acknowledged fairly quickly, and the carpentry firm was then able to place the order for the installation.


Upgrading the lighting to LED bulbs

The carpentry workshop used its own lifting platform to relamp the lighting, which allowed the conversion to LED lamps to be completed within two weeks and without any notable difficulties. According to Mr Becker, the entire project, from the idea to the execution, took about three months.


Savings on electricity bills

The savings are not yet reflected in the electricity bill, but the company commissioned has estimated annual savings of around 27,000 kWh.  In retrospect, the implementation of such a measure is highly recommended, as it is inexpensive and, coupled with the reported financial support, has a short payback period. Other advantages of relamping include the longer lifespan of the light source, which reduces the replacement rate and associated costs. Secondly, unlike fluorescent tubes, LED technology ensures that the lighting intensity is not reduced in production halls at lower temperatures, thereby improving working conditions.


Menuiserie Arnold Becker S.à.r.l.

Simon Becker