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Support the active and decarbonised mobility of my employees

Mobility and transportation
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Last update: 21/06/2024
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Promote soft mobility within your company

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, minimising the use of the vehicle fleet and promoting soft mobility alternatives is crucial. This measure aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reorganising the company’s general mobility.

Considering the country’s special situation in that public transport is free, employees should make more use of it by changing their consumption habits.

Analysis and definition of the company’s decarbonisation project

Identify the company’s current mobility situation

  • Analyse the means of transport used by employees for their home-work commute as well as business travel: e.g. carry out an anonymous survey of all employees
  • Find out about currently available means of transport for the home-work commute as well as business travel such as trains, buses, company vehicles, personal vehicles, walking, cycling, carpooling, etc.
  • Quantify transport

Definition of future needs

  • Define the general objective of the company’s mobility
  • Develop a basic concept including the employees’ specific actions
  • Create a working group on mobility at work, together with your employees
  • In terms of passenger transport, find out more about ecomobility.
  • Install secure parking and charging facilities for electric bikes/scooters.

Identification of a solution to meet the company’s needs

Implementation of the company’s general mobility concept

  • Use the MConcept service: this is a concept, which, based on surveys and accessibility studies, geographically analyses the place of residence of employees in relation to the company’s location, and proposes solutions to incentivise a switch from personal vehicles to alternative mobility. This service is offered free of charge by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works.
  • Raising awareness and reminding people of the different travel options.
  • Review of the pros and cons of each means of transportdes avantages et inconvénients de chaque moyen de transport.

Find the suitable mobility solution to guarantee the company’s work-related travel and services

  • Offer a public bike rental subscription to employees (Vel’OH! in Luxembourg City and in the neighbouring municipalities, or Vël’Ok in Esch-sur-Alzette).
  • Convert existing parking spaces into spaces reserved for bicycles, carpooling or electric vehicles only.
  • Provide electric bikes or scooters.
  • Offer electric bike or scooter leasing options.
  • Remind employees of the State subsidies regarding active mobility.
  • Offer additional company support to help finance equipment related to soft mobility.
  • Draw up a transport charter defining the basis on which employees must use available transport for business travel based on distance and accessibility.
  • Offer employees to rent/share one or more cars from the company’s fleet for their private travel, at a reasonable price (evenings or weekends).
  • Provide the option of video conferencing for meetings that do not necessarily require physical observation and encourage teleworking once a week when possible.
  • Take advantage of sustainable transport services (e.g. train)
  • When planning relocation, take into consideration the distances and the site’s soft mobility accessibility for the employees’ business travel and home-work commute.

State subsidy application

Inform residents that they can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of a pedelec25 or a bicycle

  • Subsidy available to individuals residing in Luxembourg for the purchase of a new bicycle or electrically assisted pedal bicycle (pedelec25) amounting to 50% of the purchase price excluding VAT, without however exceeding €600. This subsidy is available until 30 September 2024.
    • From 1 October 2024, the financial aid of €600 will be reserved for people eligible for cost-of-living allowances or the energy bonus.
    • From 1 October 2024, cargo bikes will be eligible for a bonus of up to €1,000.
    • For questions: Environmental Agency – subsidies and financial aid.
  • Some municipalities also offer interesting subsidies (check out Klima-Agence aid simulator).

Implementation aid

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