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Hall and workshop heating

Adaptations for heating halls and workshops

Company halls and workshops, often characterised by large open spaces and high ceilings, present a particular challenge when it comes to installing an energy-efficient, targeted heating system. The ideal heating system for halls must therefore be able to heat the different work areas individually and produce heat at the right height.

Halls and workshops have specific heating requirements due to their size and use. It is therefore essential to carry out a thorough requirements analysis before installing a new heating system.

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Installation of a new domestic hot water (DHW) production system

Changing your domestic hot water system

The use of domestic hot water varies from company to company. In some cases, it is used for sanitary installations and cooking, while in others, hot water is used for manufacturing or to assist in the production of materials or services. As a result, it is important to put in place the right solution, tailored to the specific situation.

Below is an approach that shows the stages and benefits of changing your domestic hot water (DHW) production system.

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Installing a new heat production unit in a company

The heating installation: an important leverage point in the energy transition

The heat production unit is a major leverage point for a successful energy transition. As its primary purpose is to supply heat for comfort and operational needs, the heating system must be scaled to provide the temperature levels and necessary quantities to keep the business running. Nowadays, there are heat production systems that are adapted to each temperature level are flexible in terms of power and are environmentally friendly.

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Optimisation of existing in-house heat production unit

Ensuring efficient heating system performance in the workplace

The production of heat for premises and production processes represents a major cost factor. To reduce heating costs, This is why it is essential to ensure that the heating system operates correctly and is as economical as possible. This also includes all peripheral installations, heat production and distribution.

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