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Analysis of your company’s energy situation

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Last update: 24/10/2023
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In order to have an overview of the energy situation within the company, it is necessary to monitor and analyse it. This analysis enables over-consumption to be detected and improvement measures to be identified. In order to drive continuous improvement, regular monitoring is essential.

Monitoring the energy situation

Record and monitor the consumption

  • Use a consumption spreadsheet (example) to get an overview of the energy situation and to create the framework for analysing and monitoring consumption.
  • Consumption data can be consulted from:
    • invoices
    • meters
    • or, if applicable, by making a request to the network operator or energy supplier (a request can be made via the energy supplier’s online portal).
  • Compare consumption with actual needs
  • Identify consumption indicators, e.g. energy consumption per surface area.
  • Take stock of energy-consuming machinery, noting details such as age, power, operating hours, etc.
  • Comfort heat consumption should be calculated using degree days.

To go further:

Introduction of an automated consumption monitoring system

  • Installation of connected sub-meters
  • Implementation of an automated IT solution

Carrying out a “Potenzialcheck” (energy diagnostic) using an energy engineering consultancy.

Analysis of the energy consumption of a building, business or organisation. The analysis aims to determine the level of efficiency of each consumption item and leads to an assessment of potential savings.

Energy audit by a design office (energy engineering)

Carrying out an energy audit in accordance with standard EN-16247 enables a company to carry out a detailed analysis of its energy situation. Based on the results of this analysis, energy-saving measures are identified.

Fit 4 Sustainability” programme:

The programme « Fit 4 Sustainability » is an environmental study to assess the impact of the company’s activity on the environment, according to the chosen focus area(s) (water, energy, circularity, etc.).

A quantified action plan: the study is supplemented by various recommendations (investments, implementation of best practices, etc.) to reduce this impact in the short or long term.

Implementation of an energy management system by a design office (energy engineering):

An energy management system, such as ISO 50001, enables companies to systematically monitor the management of resources and energy. This solution also aims to evaluate and optimise resources.

Application for subsidies

State subsidies

Notice: incentive effect needs to be respected for all requests for subsidies (state or otherwise)

In order to respect the “incentive effect”, no binding commitment (signing a quotation; paying a deposit) can be made BEFORE having received the agreement in principle from the State or the electricity and natural gas supplier following a request for assistance.

N.B.: State subsidies cannot be combined for the same project.

Support from electricity and natural gas suppliers

As of 2015, natural gas and electricity suppliers are obliged under the Commitment Mechanism to generate energy savings among their consumers. Since then, energy suppliers have been offering monitoring and advisory services as well as subsidy programmes for consumers to implement energy efficiency measures.

The providers offering this service to companies are as follows:

The nova naturstroum fund

The purpose of the fund is to promote and enhance sustainable development in Luxembourg. More specifically, the following premiums are available for companies:

  • premium for “sustainable study and concept”.
  • premium for “energy monitoring”.

Please note that supplier subsidies and the nova naturstroum fund premium can be accumulated with any state subsidies for the same project.

Implementation aid

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