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Installing a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on company premises

Mobility and transportation
Agriculture, viticulture
Craft Industry
Aid and care sector
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Last update: 29/05/2024
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Electric mobility, a key element in decarbonising your business

Electric cars are part of the solution to successfully decarbonising your company’s vehicle fleet. It is also essential to set up a suitable charging infrastructure within the company so that the logistics of charging can be managed internally. For greater autonomy, the system can be combined with a solar power installation.

Definition of the company’s mobility requirements

Analysis of requirements

Identifying the solution and checking the feasibility of the charging infrastructure project

  • If necessary, find an investor for the project

Verification of project feasibility

Subsidy application

Government subsidies

Please note: subsidy applications must comply with the incentive effect, subject to compliance with the subsidy conditions.

In order to respect the “incentive effect”, no binding commitment (signing a quotation; paying a deposit) may be made BEFORE having received the agreement in principle from the State or the electricity and natural gas supplier following an application for subsidy.

Implementation of the project to install charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

  • Submitting an installation request to the grid operator
    Application required for any installation of a charging point with a power rating greater than or equal to 7 kW (10A) three-phase or greater than 4.6 kW single-phase (20A).
  • Compliance check by the network operator
    • The company responsible for the work notifies the network operator that the work has been completed.

Implementation aid

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