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Energy savings on IT equipment

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Last update: 02/02/2024
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To make this measure more effective and tailored to the specific context of your company, we recommend that you first perform an overall analysis of your energy situation.

How to reduce electricity costs through intelligent use of IT equipment

The growing use of IT equipment inevitably leads to an increase in energy consumption, whether due to the execution of software applications, communications via LAN/Wi-Fi networks, etc.

The link between IT equipment and energy consumption is not directly visible, as electricity consumption is not dissociated from the other electrical installations available within the company.

Carrying out a sustainable IT diagnostic enables company managers and employees to optimise their digital environmental footprint and consumption.

Definition of requirements with a view to optimising IT equipment

Inventory of IT equipment

  • Carry out an inventory of IT equipment throughout the company. The exercise also includes identifying the age of the equipment. This includes devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, photocopiers, scanners and so on.
  • Identify how the equipment is used, detailing the hours of use, stand-by hours and off hours.

Identification of measures relating to IT equipment

Adapting IT equipment to employees’ needs

  • Encourage the use of mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, as they consume less energy than a fixed computer.
  • Replace multiple single-function devices with a single multifunction device, e.g. a shared photocopier to replace several individual printers.

Involve the IT supplier or contractual partner in the measures mentioned to reduce electricity consumption.

Choosing energy-efficient equipment

Low energy consumption can be demonstrated by certification, e.g. Blauer Engel, Energy Star, EPREL

Energy efficiency of televisions and screens indicated on the energy label

When choosing screens, the energy label introduced by an EU regulation is an additional help. It gives the energy efficiency class and indicates the energy consumption for 1,000 hours of operation in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Power management settings for computers in the “Group Policy”

Integrate the various parameters (e.g. sleep mode) into your company’s Group Policy.

Making employees aware of the need to use IT equipment economically

  • Guide employees in best practice
    • Adjusting screen brightness
    • Setting the stand-by and energy-saving functions
    • Deactivation of superfluous functions, e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phone network, etc.
  • Use peripheral devices economically, e.g. printers, photocopiers, plotters, scanners, etc.
  • Avoid using unnecessary screens
  • Systematically monitor the energy consumption of IT equipment
  • Encourage devices to be configured at company level, e.g. standby, energy-saving functions, etc.
  • Power the computer system using power strips, so that all devices are disconnected simultaneously when not in use. (Be careful not to exceed the maximum power rating of the power strip).

Subsidy application

Government subsidies

To respect the “incentive effect”, no binding commitment (signing a quotation; paying a deposit) may be made BEFORE submitting the application file or receiving the agreement in principle from the State or the electricity and natural gas supplier following a subsidy application.

SME Packages – Sustainability

  • Flat-rate subsidy of €5,000 for small and medium-sized enterprises for projects to reduce their environmental impact, costing between €6,650 and €25,000 excluding VAT
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