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Optimization of existing in-house heat production unit

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Last update: 05/10/2023
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To make this measure more effective and tailored to the specific context of your company, we recommend that you first perform an overall analysis of your energy situation.

Ensuring efficient heating system performance in the workplace

For many companies, the production of heat for premises and production processes represents a major cost factor. It is therefore essential to ensure that the heating system operates correctly and economically. Heating systems offer significant potential for energy savings. This includes all peripheral installations, heat production and distribution.

Definition of the company’s heating requirements

Heating system inspection

Taking your heating installation project one step further

  • Heat consumption analysis
    Track changes in heat consumption on the basis of the latest energy bills, or meter data where applicable.
  • Cross-referencing consumption data with production indicators.

Implement measures to optimize the heating system

For heat production

For heat distribution

  • Circulation pump flow and return temperature control. Adaptation considering shutdown periods. => Further information from suisseenergie on “Reduce the circulating pump’s flow rate” 
  • Replacement of fixed-flow circulation pumps with energy-efficient, variable-flow pumps
  • Inspect and, if necessary, insulate the system’s various thermal components (pipes, valves, pumps, etc.)
    • Rule of thumb: cover pipes with an insulation thickness at least equal to the inside diameter, ideally twice the pipe diameter
  • Hydraulic balancing

For heat consumption

Subsidy application

Notice: incentive effect needs to be respected for all requests for subsidies (state or otherwise)

In order to respect the “incentive effect”, no binding commitment (signing a quotation; paying a deposit) can be made BEFORE having received the agreement in principle from the State or the electricity and natural gas supplier following a request for assistance.

Government subsidies

Application for subsidies from electricity and natural gas suppliers

As of 2015, natural gas and electricity suppliers are obliged under the Commitment Mechanism to generate energy savings among their consumers. Since then, energy suppliers have been offering monitoring and advisory services as well as subsidy programmes for consumers to implement energy efficiency measures. The providers offering this service to companies are as follows:

Apply for a premium from the nova naturstroum fund

The purpose of the nova naturstroum fund is to promote and enhance sustainable development in Luxembourg. More specifically, the following premiums are available for companies:

  • Heating premium

Please note that supplier subsidies and the nova naturstroum fund premium can be cumulated with any state subsidies for the same project.

Implementation aid

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