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Staff awareness campaign

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Last update: 02/02/2024
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Running awareness campaigns within your company

Individual behaviour has a major influence on resource consumption. To make employees aware of the impact of their actions, an awareness campaign is ideal.

The details below provide guidelines for setting up a staff awareness campaign, to ensure responsibility and lasting commitment to the themes of energy, resources, and climate within the organisation.

Definition of employee awareness needs

By raising employee awareness, simple measures can help to save energy and use resources more efficiently.

Organisation of a staff awareness campaign

Presenting good practice

  • Display specific instructions (e.g. correct use of the photocopier, setting the temperature in meeting rooms, closing doors, etc.) in areas where user behaviour can be directly influenced.

Organising specific awareness-raising events

  • Organise a quiz on the subject, using a questionnaire adapted to the company’s situation.
  • Organise an energy week to raise employee awareness, during which recommendations for action are presented and explained.
  • Ask employees to use applications that allow them to view their own consumption, e.g. Footprint calculator, etc.

Setting up an in-house “resource conservation” team

  • This team is responsible for assessing the consumption of energy and resources, as well as CO2 emissions, within the organisation, and for analysing employees’ scope for action.
  • The team in question also assumes responsibility for organising regular reminder actions to ensure that the recommendations for action take root over the long term.
  • Ideally, the team is made up of representatives from all the organisation’s departments, depending on the size of the organisation.
  • External experts may be consulted if the organisation’s internal know-how is not sufficient.

Setting up a means of communication

Providing a means of communication (e.g. e-mail address, file, table, suggestion box, etc.) encourages staff to exchange ideas and make suggestions for improvement.

After completion of the works

Regular communication with employees

  • Take advantage of regular internal meetings to discuss resource saving.
  • Messages to raise awareness of the need to save electricity and drinking water can also form part of recurrent training, e.g. training for new employees, safety training, handling training, etc.
  • Organise regular reminder actions to ensure that the recommendations for action take root over the long term.
  • Regularly train employees who use resource-intensive machines on the specific efficiency measures for the machine in question (e.g. ovens, cleaning machines, heating systems, etc.)
  • Make savings in energy and other resources visible to employees by means of regular consumption records.
  • Support employees in not wasting energy and resources, even when teleworking.

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