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Electricity savings thanks to server infrastructure

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Last update: 01/02/2024
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To make this measure more effective and tailored to the specific context of your company, we recommend that you first perform an overall analysis of your energy situation.

How to reduce electricity costs thanks to your company’s server infrastructure

In most companies, it has become necessary to have a server room. Unfortunately, information on the energy consumption of the technological equipment used is not necessarily available prior to installation.

With regard to energy consumption and server infrastructure optimisation, the following steps indicate a recommended approach.

An improvement in the energy situation may include the following aspects

  • Analysis of server infrastructure energy consumption
  • Technical condition of the various components
  • Server room air conditioning
  • Outsourcing server operations
  • Raising employee awareness

Questions to ask yourself before starting your project

  • Do I get an overview of the technical status of the server infrastructure?
  • Is the air conditioning in the server room correctly adjusted?
  • Is my IT contract partner optimising my IT system from an energy efficiency point of view?
  • Is outsourcing server operations an alternative solution?
  • Are the employees concerned properly trained?

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