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Electricity savings thanks to server infrastructure

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Last update: 18/04/2024
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To make this measure more effective and tailored to the specific context of your company, we recommend that you first perform an overall analysis of your energy situation.

How to reduce electricity costs thanks to your company’s server infrastructure

In most companies, the need for a server room has become a matter of course. Unfortunately, information on the energy consumption of the technological equipment used is not necessarily available prior to installation. IT infrastructures require a lot of energy and represent high costs, which are generally accepted as they are. However, there is great potential for savings.

With a view to optimising the server infrastructure, the following steps indicate a recommended analysis approach.

Definition of server infrastructure requirements

Analysis of server infrastructure energy consumption

  • Analysis of the energy consumption of the server infrastructure, e.g. using electricity meters
  • Consider the age of technical components consuming electricity

Contacting a company specialising in IT engineering

An in-depth analysis by a company in the sector in question will create a solid basis for any adjustments that may need to be made.

Identification of solutions adapted to the server infrastructure situation

Adjusting the temperature to create the ideal environment in your server room

  • Ideal balance between the energy consumption of the air-conditioning in the server rooms and the actual requirements of the existing IT equipment. In principle, information on temperature and humidity is given in the technical data sheets.
  • Maximum temperatures of up to 32 °C are possible (ASHRAE standard class A1 recommendation).

Outsourcing server operation to a professional supplier (data centre)

There are a number of possible solutions:

  • Operation of servers and racks in external data centres
  • Identification of tasks for a service provider in this field

There are other benefits to be considered in relation to outsourcing solutions (e.g. data security, additional services, reduced maintenance costs).

Use the to simulate energy saving measures

In an existing infrastructure, the simulator helps to identify different electricity-saving measures.

Involve the IT supplier or contractual partner in the measures mentioned to reduce electricity consumption.

Investing in more energy-efficient infrastructure

Subsidy application

Government subsidies

In order to respect the “incentive effect”, no binding commitment (signing a quotation; paying a deposit) may be made BEFORE submitting the application file or receiving the agreement in principle from the State or the electricity and natural gas supplier following an subsidy application.

“Fit 4 Sustainability” programme

  • The “Fit 4 Sustainability” programme provides co-financing for an environmental audit and action plan on one or more topics chosen by the company (energy, greenhouse gases, waste, water, etc.)
  • Subsidies of up to 50 %, 60 % and 70 % of the fees for carrying out an environmental study (energy audit and/or carbon footprint) + detailed, costed action plan to reduce consumption/GHGs (greenhouse gases) (medium- and long-term investment, ROI, etc.) – open to SMEs and large companies (except those required to carry out a statutory audit)
  • Any questions? Luxinnovation

 SME Packages – Sustainability

  • Flat-rate subsidy of €5,000 for small and medium-sized businesses for projects to reduce their environmental impact, costing between €6,650 and €25,000 excluding VAT
  • Points of contact:

Environmental protection scheme – Investment aid for the protection of the environment

  • Verification of company eligibility and costs: General Directorate for Industry, new Technology and Research
  • Help in drawing up the subsidy application file before submission to the Ministry of the Economy
  • Any questions? Luxinnovation
  • More information and recommendations for companies on investing in the environment are available in the Guide simplifié pour les entreprises (Simplified Guide for Companies)

SME aid scheme – Aid for miscellaneous investments

10-20 % subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses for miscellaneous investments aimed at promoting the modernisation and competitiveness of the Luxembourg economy.

Verification of project eligibility and granting body: General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME Aid Department)

Any questions?

N.B. State subsidies cannot be combined for the same project.

Application for subsidies from electricity and natural gas suppliers

Since 2015, natural gas and electricity suppliers have been required to make energy savings for consumers under the obligation scheme. Since then, energy suppliers have been offering support and advice, as well as subsidy programmes for consumers to implement energy efficiency measures.

The amount of the premium is proportional to the annual energy saving (in MWh).

The following suppliers offer this service for companies:

N.B. Supplier subsidies can be combined with any state subsidies for the same project.

Implementation aid

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