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Staff awareness campaign

Running awareness campaigns within your company

Individual behaviour has a major influence on resource consumption. To make employees aware of the impact of their actions, an awareness campaign is ideal.

The details below provide guidelines for setting up a staff awareness campaign, to ensure responsibility and lasting commitment to the themes of energy, resources, and climate within the organisation.

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Energy savings on IT equipment

How to reduce electricity costs through intelligent use of IT equipment

The growing use of IT equipment inevitably leads to an increase in energy consumption, whether due to the execution of software applications, communications via LAN/Wi-Fi networks, etc.

The link between IT equipment and energy consumption is not directly visible, as electricity consumption is not dissociated from the other electrical installations available within the company.

Carrying out a sustainable IT diagnostic enables company managers and employees to optimise their digital environmental footprint and consumption.

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Optimising the cold production system

Controlling the operation and running costs of your company’s cold production system

Cold production is used to cool a room or an element, preserve food products, control the temperature of a process, or activate air conditioning.

Optimising the performance of components and their use leads to significant reductions in electricity consumption. In addition to the cold production unit, this also includes the distribution system and the cooling system.

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Installation of a new domestic hot water (DHW) production system

Changing your domestic hot water system

The use of domestic hot water varies from company to company. In some cases, it is used for sanitary installations and cooking, while in others, hot water is used for manufacturing or to assist in the production of materials or services. As a result, it is important to put in place the right solution, tailored to the specific situation.

Below is an approach that shows the stages and benefits of changing your domestic hot water (DHW) production system.

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Electricity savings thanks to server infrastructure

How to reduce electricity costs thanks to your company’s server infrastructure

In most companies, the need for a server room has become a matter of course. Unfortunately, information on the energy consumption of the technological equipment used is not necessarily available prior to installation. IT infrastructures require a lot of energy and represent high costs, which are generally accepted as they are. However, there is great potential for savings.

With a view to optimising the server infrastructure, the following steps indicate a recommended analysis approach.

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Installation or modification of a new mechanical ventilation system

Optimising your company’s centralised ventilation system

To ensure that the ventilation system is working properly and monitor the financial impact, regular analysis of requirements and technological monitoring are necessary. In the detailed description below, you can find the analysis to be applied in the case of ventilation renewal.

As a first step, we strongly advise you to carry out a detailed analysis of your company’s current ventilation situation and requirements, and to anticipate possible changes in requirements in the future (building project, change of use of certain rooms, etc.)

On the basis of this analysis, the new ventilation system can be sized.

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Optimising a company’s lighting system to save on electricity consumption

Energy savings: lighting, a key element in energy consumption in the workplace

Lighting accounts for around 10% of electricity consumption in buildings. The potential savings are quite varied and depend heavily on the condition and management of the lighting system. In order to unlock the full potential, this measure proposes a range of optimisation measures, from simple practical initiatives to a complete overhaul of the lighting system.

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Installing a new heat production unit in a company

The heating installation: an important leverage point in the energy transition

The heat production unit is a major leverage point for a successful energy transition. As its primary purpose is to supply heat for comfort and operational needs, the heating system must be scaled to provide the temperature levels and necessary quantities to keep the business running. Nowadays, there are heat production systems that are adapted to each temperature level are flexible in terms of power and are environmentally friendly.

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